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Ann Li

is a multidisciplinary designer
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storytelling, sense-making, and curiosity, exploring experiential narratives and creative tech

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Ann Li

Neurobiologist-turned designer. Currently pursuing a Masters in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

Work spans the digital and physical, including multisensory exhibits, creative direction and strategy, interactive installations, and user interfaces.

Pokemon Run

Bringing together digital communities through collaborative co-creation and physically activated experiences


Creative Direction
Concept Ideation
UX Design
Product Strategy
Market Research


November 2023, week sprint


Carol Auh
Nina Gao
Taeyoung Chang



A virtual event hosted by Pokémon Go in collaboration with Nike Run Club, activated and experienced physically.

I led creative direction and research, defined product features within existing ecosystems, and contributed visual assets and UI.

It’s always risky pitching Nike concepts to Nike– we would’ve been harder on Nike anyways– but this made sense, really landed in a great way. Thoughtful is the key word.
-David Frank, VP Global Brand Creative

Empowering Trainers to shape their gaming and fitness experience through accessible, democratized co-creation and shared exploration of new Pokémon regions.

We were tasked by Nike to empower digital communities through collaborative co-creation or artificial intelligence during a virtual event. We identified a community with a solid digital presence, exploring why and how they engage, to increase social engagement, encourage remote collaboration, and bring new members into the existing community.

Authenticity was a key consideration to truly explore– if this is how members activate and participate, how do we meet them where they are?

Change the world, one step at a time

Set off on an immersive Pokémon adventure 
to help shape and explore a brand new region. A virtual event hosted by Pokémon Go in collaboration with Nike Run Club, activated and experienced physically.


Select Routes Through NRC

Seamless integration with Nike Run Club

City-specific routes divide the region into diverse areas.


Start Your Run

Explore the world of Pokemon and leave the tracking to the event-enabled Nike Run Club app

Leave the stat tracking to NRC so you can track those wild Pokemon. Enjoy full NRC app features pace, distance, location, elevation, mile split, and heart rate data.


View Your Stats and Redirect to Pokémon Go

Celebrate your achievements and earn exclusive Pokémon Go benefits and perks when you move with Pokémon Run


Claim Rewards and View Unlocked Areas

Help shape the region's biomes through collective decision-making and enjoy in-game rewards for movement

Upon route completion, unlock Areas to collect rewards and vote for your preferred Biome type.


Team up to shape regions to your liking

Community-Driven Habitat Customization

Collectively “vote with your feet” to shape regional biomes, customizing Pokémon types, items, and encounters found in each area.


Integrated Wild Pokémon In Your Community

Leveraging existing computer vision models, generative AI, and map APIs

Adapting to situated, real-time factors–such as time of day, terrain, weather, and occluding objects– dynamic visual assets are accurately placed and adjusted properly. Each geo-asset is procedurally generated by Gen AI based on biome parameters, and map API tools allow for accurate geospatial placement of visual assets and route tracking, resulting in unique experiences for individual users.


Contribute to the Official World of Pokémon

Revisitable regional exploration

When the live period ends, collaboratively designed regions are locked and preserved, allowing unique areas to be experienced by all Pokémon Go players.

You’ve tapped into an insight we’re really trying at Nike– gamifying more experiences is really smart. Bringing the two together is insightful and well-researched.
- Bryon Panaia, Global Sr. Creative Director
(A) dream for us was to allow (people) to build a digital world, but in real life. Taking this angle and building a place for this, a physical component of this that lives on outside it is a brilliant opportunity. Because it’s such a rich idea and could create a new community…not just introducing two existing communities.
-David Frank, VP Global Brand Creative

Discovering the Wonderful World of Pokémon

A core social experience filled with environmental storytelling and generational nostalgia

Exploring the Extended World of Pokémon

An expanded global franchise attracting a variety of fans across multiple entry points

Bridging Worlds

Identifying design opportunities to respect and empower existing fans, while extending involvement to new communities

Region maps based on city neighborhoods and landmarks

An approach that empowers Trainers to shape their gaming and fitness experience through accessible, democratized co-creation and shared exploration of new Pokémon regions

Three key objectives centered around marketability, feasibility, and scalability

It really felt like an event- the timeliness of the event, the intention. What’s the merch that comes out of this...when there’s a possible product component (it) makes the experience richer, is a badge of honor.
-David Frank, VP Global Brand Creative
(This) hits a lot of different age groups. (They) would do it because it’s fun. You invited in a really large swath of people- when you bring people in from both worlds and introduce them to a new space, that’s a special and rare opportunity.
-David Frank, VP Global Brand Creative
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