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Nov - Dec 2021




Shelley Tao


The Center for STEM Education (STEM Center) at Carnegie Science Center asked us to leverage visual communication design, in order to help constituents and/or potential constituents better understand STEM and the Center’s education efforts.

"How can (we), as designers, refresh, reignite, and imbue innovation into the way the center communicates with its constituents? There is discomfort around workforce development and the topic of STEM; STEM is not just about getting a job to contribute to the economy. STEM engagement should be about active, engaged citizenry, building agency for people, and using STEM to contribute to a greater good. STEM has exclusivity embedded in its historic communication; that needs to change."


After conducting secondary research, literature reviews, and meeting with the client to establish contextual background, we decided it would be most valuable (though more challenging) to approach this brief from a wider vantage point, encompassing not only the Carnegie Science Center's audiences, but their internal stakeholders, adjacent contributors, and societal perceptions at large.

Through a human-centered interrogation of the current state of STEM programming, policy, education, and rhetoric, we identified key insights that we propose are the fundamental tenets of genuine, sustainable, internally-motivated, and accessible STEM engagement and interest.

A detailed report can be found below–

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